A Nü Wave

Created in 2018 by a marine biologist, Nü Wave is more than just a clothing brand: we’re here to create conversation & a new way of thinking. Inspired by marine creatures, we fuse natural oceanic patterns with artistic creativity to create interesting and unique designs to promote the health of our blue planet. We give back too: Nü donates 5% of profits to elasmobranch conservation initiatives, making every purchase worth your pennies.

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The Nü Story


Nü founder Mads St Claire (@mads_ocean) is passionate about the ocean. Seeing the devastation of the marine environment whilst working as a marine biologist and divemaster, she decided that she could keep quiet no longer. Teaming up with talented artist, Jas (@stag_design), they came up with a clothing collection to not only promote the beauty of the ocean, but to give back to those who work to protect it. Nü isn’t just clothing however: teaming up with Girls in Ocean Science and podcast channel Girls 4 Ocean, Nü Wave aims to shout about ocean conservation as loud as it can.

Giving back…

Nü donates 5% of profits to ocean conservation initiatives. We want our customers to help us choose where their support goes. We support Girls in Ocean Science and podcast channel Girls 4 Ocean. Most of all, we want to expand people’s minds and prove that ocean conservation can be mainstream. We’re here because we are fighting for a healthy ocean.